Digital Orientation – the Top 5 links

This semester is different. More digital, more mobile, more exhausting, more comfortable, more annoying, more relaxed, more complicated… It’s just different. Starting your studies in this situation is even more challenging than under normal conditions. The BLUG would like to support you with its Top Lists for the start of your studies in the coming months and make sure that you get settled at the University of Göttingen fully informed, any place you are! Let’s start with part 1: Our top link recommendations for orientation at the Georgia Augusta!

1. First Things First

Module catalogue – examination regulations – study plan: In the A-to-Z list you will find the Who-is-Who of all the regulations of your subjects. They are the formal basis of your timetable, your exams, in short: your whole degree programme. So it’s definitely worth a look for Freshers and advanced students alike.

2. When things get tough…

Despite this unusual semester, you can count on one thing: the support of the university’s advisory services. No matter if you are uncertain about the choice of subjects, if you need expertise for your application or if you have more personal concerns and worries – click here to find an overview of all counselling and information centres.

3. Use your freedome to shape your study

In all courses of study at our university, 10% is earmarked for key competences. That is 10% that you can freely organise and use – be it a language course, specialisation in your subject or useful skills for life outside the university. Enjoy! Click here for information and insights on the topic of key competencies.

If you know what you want: Göttingen University offers a growing number of certificate programmes with which you can not only earn credits in the key competencies area, but also take a step towards profile building. You can find an overview and information here.

4. Stay up to date

You do not want to miss anything that happens on (the digital) campus? Follow Göttingen University on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

5. Ask your AStA

You still have questions about starting at the University of Göttingen? The AStA’s Freshers’ Support offers a consultation hour every Friday from 9 to 10 am. Click here to go directly to the video chat.

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