How to Eat Three Courses in Three Hours in Three Flats – and Get to Know 12 New People

How does that work? Just take part in the next Dinnerhopping! It takes place in the beginning of every semester. You can register with a partner or alone  – in that case you’ll get one assigned. A mail will be sent to you with information about the course you have to prepare and at which addresses you will be enjoying the other two dishes. Four hungry people will be joining the hosts. We, Marie and Gwen, took part in this culinary get-together a couple of weeks ago.

If you are sad to have missed the Dinnerhopping: Cocktailhopping is coming up on the 28th of November! Registration is open until th 24th of November.

– Gwen’s Dinnerhopping –

It’s the fourth time that I participate with my best friend. Our resolution for this time: To eat only one portion at each course so that there is still some space for desert! We were assigned to prepare the starter: We actually think it’s the best of all, since it means no responsibility for the rest of the evening!

5.50 pm: Okay, the table is set. Let’s light the tea light candles! And how about pourring our courgette leek curry soup into the bowls already and decorating them skillfully with a rolled courgette peal?

6.05 pm: Hello, hello! Oh you’ve been here already? First amusing incident of the night: Two of our guests are friends of my flatmates. But what else would you expect to happen in Göttingen?

7.00 pm: My flatmate is coming in and wants to spread the party mood. But isn’t it nice and cosy right now? And by the way, I know almost everything about medical studies by now!

7.20 pm: We should leave for the next course! Everybody is heading to the center? Perfect, let’s go together. As we are saying farewell, we are invited to come over to our guests’ home before going to the afterparty.

7.30 pm: Oh, this is such a cute and beautiful flat! It has half-timbered balks in the middle of the room and a door that leads to the garden! Besides the food this is the best thing about Dinnerhopping: To see how others live.

9.15 pm: I’m pretty full by now! Selfmade spätzle with mushroom cream sauce, yummy! And of course there are more coincidences: Same hometown, the ex-boyfriend is the brother of… and so on. Let’s take another group photo and then let’s go!

9.45 pm: The doorbell rings and another cooking couple comes in. Aren’t we complete yet? Ooh, we are the wrong flat! Well, how should we know that there are two flatshares in this house participating in Dinnerhopping? Anyways, we are here to stay – they are serving us yoghurt mascarpone cream with raspberries here!! First come, first serve!

10.30 pm: We are in the appartment of our former guests now and get to meet again people from the main course. Some guys are showing their guitar skills, of course they cannot miss out the everlasting classic “Wonderwall”. You won’t believe it, but I’m hungry again and nibbling some bread with hummus. Have to make sure I’ve got enough power for the party!

11.30 pm: Let’s go to the JT-Keller!


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– Marie’s Dinnerhopping –

I registered with a friend; during the preparation and the night itself we became good friends. It’s a great possibility to get to know each other for real! On the registration formular I had specified that I didn’t have much space for eating since my flatmate had registered for Dinnerhopping as well. That made it more likely to be assigned for the desert. Which is my favourite anyway.

5.55 pm: Late again! Julia is already at our hosts’ place in Weende and I’m still trying to figure out where exactly I have to go. Maybe these two girls on the bikes in front of me are going to the same place? No, but they are definitely participating – entire Göttingen is having a feast.

6.15 pm: Steaming tomato soup… Julia and I are sitting face to face with a couple. Both are new in Göttingen and want to meet people. Our hosts are studying dentistry, that explains the skull in the bookshelf. Julia is quizzed about her marriage.

7.20 pm: Oh, actually we wanted to get the desert from Julia’s flat on the way to the center. We prepared it last night. And then we have to shift the table in my flat before the guests are arriving… And in ten minutes the main dish is served.

7.40 pm: Thanks God – the other two guests are as late as we are. Our hosts still have to cook anyway. They’ve not been living together for long, but look experienced at the kitchen. In the meantime Julia and I are chatting with two medicine students: “Tell us! How exactly did he propose to you?” Now the Thai dish, which name I always forget, is served – and it tastes awesome! Today Julia is eating tofu because of me. Somehow I registered us as vegetarians without noticing. The conversation becomes easier and easier with every Moscow Mule.

9.05 pm: The kitchen looks like a winter scenery: Icing sugar covers everything! The dishes are just enough, since my flatmates are also receiving four guests. So let’s arrange the desert quickly and decorate the table: We’re absolutely happy with the result. Fortunateley everybody is a bit late again.

9.15 pm: Reception with sparkling wine in the corridor, then we separate in two rooms. Again we have some nice medical students in our group. And again Julia’s marriage is THE topic.

00.00 am: Heave-ho! Julia and I have to be in the lab tomorrow morning. The others don’t look like they’d go to the afterparty either. How nice that we sat here for so long! If that wasn’t my last semester, I would definitely register again!

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