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Chillen in der Provinz: Der Wendebach-Stausee bietet Natur und Erholung

You can feel the semester break in every corner of the city: the campus looks extremely empty; many of our fellow students are gone and enjoy their vacations. Wonder what to do with your free time in Göttingen?

Those who are up for a trip to nature, clear water and some quietness can visit the Wendebach lake (Wendebach-Stausee). Never heard of it? Probably not you alone.

The lake is located approximately 10 km south of Göttingen, and it is still unknown to many students. The reason for this might be that the Baggersee can be reached more easily. But since it is officially not permitted to swim in the Baggersee and there are no toilets or waste disposal there, a slightly longer way to the Wendebach lake is well worth consideration.

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Anyway: Those who have a bicycle (or a car) will find the Wendebach lake a relaxing alternative to the mass gatherings at other lakes or pools. No zigzag swimming like in the Eiswiese, and no permanent fear of broken glass that is encountered all too often at other lakes. This lake makes a perfect option for nature lovers, who enjoy having their peace and quiet when they are bathing.

And: The lake belongs to Göttingen’s “newest” attractions. Earlier this year, it has been officially re-opened for bathing after de-sludging and thorough renovation. In the past two years, approximately 130,000 cubic meters of water were drained, fish and shellfish stock were relocated.

Even if you found this summer disappointing: A few relaxing and sunny days are still ahead of us. Use them well and you won’t notice how fast the time flies by, your friends are back from holidays and Göttingen woke up from its Sleeping Beauty state.

Translated by Dennis Dellschow

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