Social media – The top 5 tips on whom to follow

Keeping up with the university and everything concerning student life – what better way is there than getting informed on social media? We selected the top 5 tips on how to optimize your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds to receive all the news and updates while they’re still hot! 

1. Follow the big accounts

This includes the most relevant accounts revolving the university:


Uni Göttingen
First and foremost, the university’s account is the most important one to follow in order to receive all the relevant information for your studies and everything revolving around it. Check it out to get helpful advice, useful information and entertaining facts.
Facebook: @georgiaaugusta  Twitter: @uniGoettingen  Instagram: @unigoettingen

If you’ve never heard of the General Student Council, the AStA, you should definitely check it out. They represent students and their interests and are therefore a crucial body of the university’s politics. Stay informed:
Facebook: @goeasta  Twitter: @asta_unigoe  Instagram: @asta_unigoe

The Studentenwerk provides numerous services for students: They operate all the cafeterias, offer financial support, own and rent out the dorms… it’s basically everywhere on campus. To make use of their diverse assistance, it is worth to click follow on their three social media channels.
Facebook: @studiwerk  Twitter: @studiwerk  Instagram: @studiwerkgoe


On the Social Media accounts of the state’s and university’s library, employers of the SUB inform about any news concerning their different libraries, for example evens or job offers.
Facebook:  Twitter: @subugoe

Sometimes even the best online system collapses–not a problem if you follow eCampus on Twitter and stay tuned about their technical updates about errors and disturbances and when they’re resolved again. Well, if that’s not convenient!
Twitter: @ecampus_unigoe

2. Freetime Fun: Get your well-deserved balance

In order to forget your stressful days of studying, reading, and writing exams, there are plenty of options to spent your free days with fun activities. Here are some accounts that might help you to find something you’re interested in:


In case you’re not following the university’s sports club, you’re missing out on fun workouts and updates on their courses. If you’re a member or intend to become one, it’s accounts are not only informative, but also entertaining. Right next to the Hochschulsport you find the FIZ, the associated gym for students and external guests.
Hochschulsport – Instagram: @hochschulsport_goettingen  Facebook: @hochschulsportgoettingen
FIZ – Instagram: @fiz.goettingen  Facebook: @fizgoettingen

Did you know that with every semester fee you’re paying, you’re simultaneously paying for the –loosely translated– cultural events ticket? With your student ID, you can (usually) access theater plays, readings, concerts and more either for free or get discounts. To get an overview of the events and the discounts, following their accounts can be helpful.
Facebook: @KulturticketGoettingen  Instagram: @kulturticket_goettingen


BG Göttingen
You want to see the Göttinger Veilchen play? No problem, since you’re getting a fair amount of money off the tickets by automatically receiving your Kulturticket every semester. Stay informed about their schedules and team news.
Instagram: @bggoe Facebook: @bggoe Twitter: @BGGoettingen


Did you know that the university has its own movie theater organized by students? Before Corona, they showed several different old and new movies a week in English and German for a small amount of money. But: There’s hope that they will open again in the near future. To stay informed about the developments, you should follow their accounts.
Instagram: @unikinogoettingen Facebook: @unikino.goe

Göttingen has several beautiful theaters. While the Junges Theater and the Deutsche Theater are the two bigger ones, the ThOP offers numerous positions for students, e.g. as director, make-up artist, or actor/actress and develop their own plays. To get all the news about the theaters’ new dates, all changes due to COVID and anything else you should know about the ThOP, take a look at their social media accounts.
Junges Theater – Instagram: @jungestheater Facebook: @jungestheatergoettingen
Deutsches Theater – Instagram: @deutschestheatergoettingen Facebook: @deutschestheateringoettingen
ThOP – Instagram: @theaterimop Facebook: Twitter: @Theater_im_OP


3. Follow your faculty

Many faculties, degree programs and student bodies of the departments have their own accounts. This can help you to stay informed about their newest events, important news concerning your studies or interesting lectures.


Here are some examples:

Philosophische Fakultät – Instagram: @phil.unigoettingen Facebook: @philunigoe

Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät – Facebook (öffentliche Gruppe): @sowi.goe

WiWi Fakultät – Instagram: @wiwiunigoe

It makes sense to look out for your own department. Also, several of the campus media stations and student associations have their own accounts to update on new publications or upcoming gatherings.


4. Get in touch with your city

…and explore the secrets spots of Göttingen. Whether you’re looking for restaurants, funny memes or university related institutions, these accounts help you to get to know the city.

Forum Wissen
The future museum of knowledge and the university’s collections
Facebook: @ForumWissenGoe Instagram: @forumwissengoe Twitter: @ForumWissenGoe


Farmer’s market Göttingen
Instagram: @goettinger_wochenmarkt Facebook: @wochenmarkt.goettingen

Göttinger Glück 
Culinary recommendations and little city tours
Instagram: @goettingerglueck

Best of Göttingen
Impressions of the city
Instagram: @bestofgoettingen

Goetti Memes
It’s funny cause it’s true
Instagram: @goetti_memes


5. For international exchange and support in Göttingen


Foyer International
This institution of the university offers different workshops, meetings and room for German and international students to connect. Right now, they’re offering online events via Big Blue Button.
Instagram: @teamfoyer  Facebook: (Gruppe) @FoyerInternationalGoettingen

ESN Göttingen
The Erasmus Student Network connects international and lokal students and organizes joint trips and events.
Instagram: @esn.goettingen Facebook: @ESNGoettingen

Welcome Center
International scientists can get support and help concerning their stay in Göttingen during their research.
Facebook: @welcomeGoettingen

International Writing Center
The Writing Center is not only interesting for international students, since they generally focus on counseling for academic writing, workshops, additional skills and events.
Instagram: @iszgoettingen  Facebook: @InternationalesSchreibzentrumUniGoettingen


With this account “inspo” you’re all set with the information you need. With a few clicks on “follow”, you will never miss anything about uni life and beyond.

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