Get involved – the top 5 tips

During the first few weeks at university there are numerous new impressions coming your way – I know what I’m talking about! To make the process of settling in for you as easy as possible, BLUG provides you with some great tips for orientation. Today is all bout getting involved, because student life is so much more than just becoming a professional in your chosen subject. To make new experiences and to spice up student life a litte, you can, for example, participate in university politics or become a volunteer for a local organisation. Keep on readin’ for more information (please note the links provide information in german so you might need to use google translate or deep l)!

1. Where can I volunteer?

A great overview of all the stundents’ groups that are involved in the fields of  university politics, culture, refugee aid or climate protection is provided here. They are always looking for new members!

If you have a unique idea of your own and you want to found a students’ group yourself, a look at the Student Council’s homepage can help. There you can find a guide of all the things you need to know to start a group of your own!

2. Credits for voluntary work

You can often get credits for volunteering so, just look here for more information!

3. Taking part in university politics

The university is a small microcosm where every member can have a say. The easiest way is to participate in the regular university elections. If you have some good ideas yourself you can get directly involved, for example, by joining a students’ group in the field of university politics or in a students’ group of your department!

4. Still undecided? Just go and take a look…

Most students’ groups offer a so called “Einsteiger:innenabend” – a first meeting where you can get to know the members and the projects of a group before you decide if you want to get involved. So just drop by (or join online)! Our reports about a few student groups can be found here.

5. Volunteering for a local organisation

Of course, volunteer work is not tied to a university group! You can find various possibilities where you can get involved with a local organisation or a local project, for example at the Caritas and the Freiwilligenzentrum Göttingen. It is also possible to get some credits for your involvement.

One more thing: Because of the corona situation volunteers are needed in many areas. If you would like to get involved here, this link will provide you with all the necessary information.


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