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I'm new - Look at me

Ein Rhesusaffe am DPZ

An afternoon among primates

  “When someone asks me about my job, I don’t really expect understanding. But I do expect the person to take the time to…


Living Above the Rooftops

A shared flat, a single apartment, student dorm, with mum and dad, with or without a balcony, with a dish washer, in the basement,…



Rude awakening

“Beep Beep Beep …oh, just 10 more minutes! Beep Beep Beep ….pushing the snooze button once again…” That’s our usual morning routine, and most…


What library type are you?

Dearest LSG, dearest Central Library, We had a great time together. Working until deep in the night, the long summer I wrote my bachelor…


Have you heard of Heimvorteil?

„Yeah, sometimes you get a chocolate bar for free, but only at full moon and if you’re body size doesn’t exceed  160cm.“ I guess…


In the Stacks of the SUB

From the library index to the self-pickup area. What happens in the stacks of the SUB after I requested a book?

#tt international

#throwbackthursday : The LSG

The Learning and Study Building became quickly a part of the Göttinger Campus, for some students it’s almost a second home. But what did…


A chronology of the unimaginable

Obviously I wanted to see the election night live. I’m getting a degree in American Studies since find this country and its culture deeply…


Erasmus – Freshman all over again

One Erasmus semester abroad: The best time of your life, six month you’ll never forget, adventures waiting for you behind every corner, making friends…


The sport of gentlemen

Twenty-two players, all in white. A red leather ball, two bats and terms like wicket, run and bowler. That is all you need for…


Do you know the Campus Map?

The days of disorientation are over! The interactive Campus Map of Göttingen University helps students to find rooms and buildings on campus and offers…

Chillen in der Provinz: Der Wendebach-Stausee bietet Natur und Erholung

The living is easy

You can feel the semester break in every corner of the city: the campus looks extremely empty; many of our fellow students are gone…



It’s been quite a while since year 2016 began, and naturally most of our good intentions have faded to dust, stowed away in some…


All semester dates at a glance

When is the Dies again? Is it already time to re-registrate? Do my holiday plans overlap with the lecture period? Now you can find…


Sounds good (to me)

With timpani and trumpets: whoever enjoys music will get what he or she is looking for in the academic orchestra (akademische Orchestervereinigung, AOV) –…